Management Division

Lorrenzo and Partners Consulting Limited offer very unique management services for its varied clients.

Our core management service has to do purely on training, seminars and workshop for government employees, private sector employee, small business owners, market women & students alike. They are:

  • Personal finance management
  • Smart Investment Advisory service
  • Financial literacy Education program

Personal Finance Management

Here we train individuals on how to be financially savvy and enhance their money management skills. Core concept on family income budgeting and planning financial goals setting, knowledge of smart investment options like F G bond, corporate Bond, Money market fund, Stock market, e.t.c are taught.

  • Financial planning & budgeting for a newly wedded couple. (3 weeks training).
  • Financial planning & budgeting for a newly wedded couple expecting their first child; what they should plan for and the cost implications in the first two years, 3 years & 5 years of the arrival of the babies. The peculiarities of the couple are factored in our projections which include: life style, culture, taste, class, income size, religion, personality and the prevailing economic indexes. (3 weeks training)
  • Family income management: Here, in details, we have a template in how your home should be manage ranging from foods, bills, transportation, Health, security, rent, mortgage, and pension. Here, we help our clients to design a workable Template that will enable them to meet their financial goals through appropriate allocation of financial resources; well balanced portfolio mix and rich investment culture. (4 weeks training)
  • We also organized seminars for federal government agencies, parastatals, private organization; Here, we enlighten their staffs on effective money management skills and the essence of financial planning and budgeting

Smart Investment advisory

It is a known fact that if you are not informed, you are limited and vulnerable to unfavorable consequences of your decisions most especially, when it has to do with making financial decision.

Financial literacy Education program

We are also running financial literacy Education programs in secondary schools and Universities. We have a well-structured modules design with regards to their ages that share important information on savings, spending, investing, planning and budgeting, career choices, entrepreneurship etc. we believe that if you are not financially literate, you can’t be a successful entrepreneur.

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