Logistics & Haulage Division

We deliver everywhere, Anywhere


Our watch word We get your goods in one piece.


should’nt be A challenge
We move all kinds of weight


Timely Delivery of goods Is our trademark
Integrity and trust is our Key value components.

Our services are unique; we have a designed and functional structure which has given us an edge in the sector of transport logistic in line with global best practices.

  • Relocation Management Services: Lorrenzo & Partners logistics manages all manners of relocation needs and ensure timely and safety delivery.
  • Packing, Removal and Relocation Services: Lorrenzo & Partners stands the test of changing times by continous improvement and apply innovative concept and the latest technologies in the delivery of its services to meet client’s expectations.

    We have a team of professional that is highly motivated with various training in various aspects of our fields, who offers complete management services that include planning, liason, and implementation of solutions in any project management.

  • Site mobilization services: we have trucks of various tonnage that conveys your equipments, machines, materials to your site. We do this with professionism with strict discipline on handling of your equipments. Offshore site on-shore site, construction site, etc.
  • Goods/Containers Services: We carry all type of goods; chemical, cements, equipment, commodities etc. within the state and also inter-state at affordable prices. Goods/Containers

It is quite apparent to various sectors across the globe that logistic services are a major tool to achieve success in any business environment. The level of detailed attention and professionalism given to a particular project is the thin line between success and failure, and the awareness of this has led to lorrenzo & partners’ logistic division in delivering unique and quality services.

We deliver your valuables & goods as quickly as possible at minimum price with Lorrenzo & partners consulting logistic division. Our delivery system is timely and quite amazing.

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